Transportation Services

Connecting You to Campus and Beyond

Western Delta University understands the importance of convenient and reliable transportation for students, faculty, and staff. Our Transportation Services are designed to provide efficient commuting options, ensuring that everyone can easily access campus facilities and navigate the surrounding areas.

Campus Shuttle Service

1. Regular Routes:
  • Enjoy the convenience of regular shuttle routes connecting key points on campus, including academic buildings, residential areas, and recreational facilities.
2. Timely Schedule:
  • Access up-to-date shuttle schedules to plan your daily commute efficiently.
3. Accessibility Features:
  • Shuttles equipped with accessibility features to ensure inclusivity for all members of the university community.

Off-Campus Connections

1. Local Transportation Hubs:
  • Seamless connections to local transportation hubs, making it easy for students to travel to and from the university.
2. Collaborations with Transport Providers:
  • Collaborations with local transport providers to offer discounted rates for students traveling to nearby cities or regions.

Parking and Pedestrian Friendly Campus

1. Pedestrian Walkways:
  • Well-maintained pedestrian walkways ensuring safe and convenient walking paths within the campus.
2. On-Campus Parking Lots:
  • Designated on-campus parking lots for students, faculty, and staff.

Stay Connected

Stay updated on transportation services and announcements:

Check your university-assigned email for transportation service bulletins.

Contact Us

For inquiries, assistance, or feedback regarding transportation services, please contact the Transportation Services Office:

Transportation Services Office

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  • Email:

Experience hassle-free commuting at Western Delta University, where our Transportation Services are committed to keeping you connected to campus and beyond!