The Registry

Welcome to the Registry

The Registry at Western Delta University serves as the administrative backbone, managing academic records, admissions, and student affairs. Our goal is to provide efficient and student-centered services to support academic success.

Contact Information:

Registry Office


  • Academic Administration: Overseeing academic policies, programs, and curriculum development.

  • Admissions: Handling student admissions, registrations, and enrollment processes.

  • Student and Employee Records: Maintaining accurate and secure student and employee records, transcripts, and certificates.

  • Graduation Services: Facilitating graduation processes and degree conferral.

Support Services

Our commitment to your well-being extends beyond academics. The Registry offers a variety of support services to enhance your overall university experience, including:

  • Document Issuance: Facilitation of official documents, including transcripts, enrollment verifications, and letters of good standing.

  • Student Records Management: Secure maintenance of your academic records, ensuring confidentiality and accuracy.

  • Graduation Assistance: Guidance and support throughout the graduation process, from application to ceremony details.

Student Resources and Information

Stay informed and empowered with easy access to essential student resources and information through the Registry. We provide:

  • Student Handbooks and Guides: Comprehensive handbooks and guides to help you understand university policies, procedures, and academic requirements.

  • Online Resources: Access to online platforms for course catalogs, academic calendars, and other valuable resources.

  • Information Sessions: Periodic information sessions on academic policies, upcoming events, and opportunities.

Connect with Us

Whether you have questions about your academic journey, need assistance with registration, or require support services, the Registry is here for you. Connect with us through the provided contact information, visit our office, or explore our online resources to make the most out of your university experience.

We look forward to being an integral part of your academic success at Western Delta University!