The Bursary

Welcome to the Bursary Office

The Bursary at Western Delta University is responsible for financial matters, including tuition payments, scholarships, and budget management. Our team is dedicated to ensuring financial transparency and supporting the financial well-being of the university.

Contact Information:

Bursary Office

Services and Responsibilities:

  • Financial Transactions: Managing financial transactions, including tuition payments and fee collections.

  • Budget Planning: Developing and overseeing the university's budgetary processes.

  • Scholarships and Grants: Administering scholarship and grant programs to support students.

  • Financial Consultations: Offering financial consultations and support to students and staff.


Financial Policies

At the bursary, we strive for transparency, accountability, and financial responsibility in all our financial practices. The following overview provides key information on financial policies, procedures, and guidelines that are relevant to both students and staff.

Tuition and Fee Policies

1. Tuition and Fee Structure
  • Tuition fees are structured based on the program of study and academic level.
  • Other fees, such as registration fees, may apply. These are outlined in the official fee structure.
2. Payment Deadlines
  • Tuition fees and other related charges must be paid by the specified deadlines.
  • Late payment may incur penalties, and students are encouraged to adhere to payment schedules.

Payment Options

1. Full Payment
  • Students have the option to pay the entire tuition fee at the beginning of the semester.
2. Installment Plans
  • Flexible installment plans are available, allowing students to break down tuition fees into manageable payments.
3. Online Payment
  • Secure online payment options are being developed for the university.
4. Bank Transfers
  • Details for bank transfers, including the university's bank account information, are available on the student portal.

Financial Aid and Scholarship Policies

1. Eligibility Criteria
  • Eligibility for financial aid and scholarships is based on academic merit, financial need, or specific criteria outlined for each program.
2. Application Process
  • Students must follow the outlined application process and submit required documents to be considered for financial aid or scholarships.
3. Application Deadlines
  • Strict deadlines are in place for submitting applications for financial aid or scholarships. Late applications may not be considered.

Staff Reimbursement Policies

1. Reimbursement Eligibility
  • Staff members may be eligible for reimbursements for approved professional development activities or work-related expenses.
2. Submission of Reimbursement Requests
  • Proper documentation and receipts must be submitted for all reimbursement requests.
3. Approval Process
  • Reimbursement requests are subject to approval by the appropriate department and financial review.

Financial Reporting and Transparency

1. Financial Statements
  • Periodic financial statements are made available to both students and staff to ensure transparency in the university's financial management.
2. Audit Procedures
  • External audits are conducted regularly to ensure compliance with financial policies and accounting standards.