Strengthening Ties and Honoring Excellence

In anticipation of the upcoming Convocation Ceremony at Western Delta University scheduled for the 2nd of December 2023, the Vice Chancellor, Prof. Augustine Ikelegbe, embarked on a significant courtesy visit to the Republic of Korea Ambassador to Nigeria. This visit was not only a diplomatic gesture but also an acknowledgment of the Ambassador's impending honorary award at the convocation ceremony.

Key Highlights

1. Purpose of the Visit

The primary purpose of the courtesy visit was to extend formal invitations and express gratitude to the Republic of Korea Ambassador for accepting the honorary award from Western Delta University. This diplomatic engagement aimed to strengthen ties between the university and the esteemed Ambassador.

2. Honorary Awardee Recognition

During the visit, Prof. Augustine Ikelegbe conveyed the university's deep appreciation for the Ambassador's distinguished service and notable contributions, which earned him the honorary award. This recognition reflected the university's commitment to acknowledging excellence and fostering international partnerships.

3. Diplomatic Dialogue

The meeting provided a platform for diplomatic dialogue between the Vice Chancellor and the Republic of Korea Ambassador. Discussions centered around the longstanding relationship between the Republic of Korea and Western Delta University, exploring potential collaborations in education, research, and cultural exchange.

4. Convocation Ceremony Details

Prof. Augustine Ikelegbe shared details about the upcoming convocation ceremony, outlining the schedule of events, the significance of the honorary awards, and the university's eagerness to host the Ambassador as a special guest.

5. Cultural Exchange Opportunities

Recognizing the importance of cultural exchange, the Vice Chancellor discussed potential opportunities for collaboration in promoting cultural understanding and awareness between Western Delta University and institutions in the Republic of Korea.

6. Expressing Gratitude

The Vice Chancellor expressed gratitude for the Republic of Korea's continuous support of education and cultural initiatives. He emphasized the importance of fostering global connections in the pursuit of academic excellence and international cooperation.

Looking Forward

The courtesy visit symbolized the commitment of Western Delta University to cultivating international relationships and honoring individuals who have made remarkable contributions to society. As the convocation ceremony approaches, the university eagerly anticipates celebrating academic achievements and strengthening its bonds with distinguished personalities such as the Republic of Korea Ambassador to Nigeria.