In a significant development, Professor A. O. Ikelegbe, the Vice-Chancellor of Western Delta University, Oghara, has officially constituted the Students Representative Council (SRC). This move underscores the university's commitment to fostering student representation, engagement, and empowerment within the academic community.

Key Highlights

1. Purpose of the Students Representative Council

The establishment of the Students Representative Council serves as a crucial platform for students to actively participate in the governance and decision-making processes of the university. It aims to provide a formal structure for students to voice their concerns, propose initiatives, and contribute to the overall enhancement of the student experience.

2. Appointment and Composition

The Vice-Chancellor, Professor A. O. Ikelegbe, has carefully appointed and selected members to constitute the Students Representative Council. The council comprises appointed representatives from various academic disciplines, ensuring a diverse and inclusive representation of the student body.

3. Roles and Responsibilities

The SRC will play a vital role in representing the interests and welfare of the student community. Some of the key responsibilities may include:

  • Advocating for students' concerns and interests at various levels of university governance.
  • Collaborating with university administration to address academic and non-academic issues affecting students.
  • Organizing and coordinating student-centric events, activities, and initiatives.
  • Promoting a positive and inclusive campus culture.

4. Empowering Student Leadership

The establishment of the Students Representative Council is a testament to Western Delta University's commitment to nurturing student leadership and providing a platform for students to actively contribute to the university's growth and development.

5. Collaboration with University Administration

The SRC is expected to work collaboratively with the university administration to ensure effective communication and a seamless flow of information between students and the university leadership. This collaboration is crucial for maintaining a harmonious and conducive academic environment.

6. Enhancing the Student Experience

By constituting the Students Representative Council, Western Delta University aims to enhance the overall student experience, create a sense of belonging, and empower students to be active participants in shaping their academic journey.

Looking Ahead

The inauguration of the Students Representative Council marks a positive step towards fostering student engagement, leadership, and representation at Western Delta University. The university looks forward to the positive impact that the SRC will bring to the campus community.