Western Delta University was honored to host Dr. Dennis Brutu Otuaro, the newly appointed Administrator of the Presidential Amnesty Programme (PAP), as part of his ongoing engagement with educational institutions where beneficiaries of the programme pursue their studies. Dr. Otuaro's visit exemplified a commitment to fostering dialogue, empowerment, and collaboration in the pursuit of educational excellence and regional development.

Dr. Otuaro's engagement at Western Delta University echoed a consistent message of support and encouragement for scholarship beneficiaries. His remarks underscored the transformative power of education and the pivotal role played by mentors and institutions in nurturing talent and driving socio-economic progress. Dr. Otuaro emphasized the importance of collaboration between the Presidential Amnesty Programme and educational stakeholders. He reiterated the Programme's dedication to human capital development in the Niger Delta region and its commitment to addressing critical shortages in vital sectors such as healthcare.

During his visit, Dr. Otuaro interacted with PAP scholarship beneficiaries and university management, gaining firsthand insights into the challenges and opportunities encountered in their academic journey. His pledge to address concerns promptly reflects a dedication to ensuring the welfare and success of scholarship recipients at Western Delta University.

As an institution committed to academic excellence and societal impact, Western Delta University extends its gratitude to Dr. Dennis Brutu Otuaro for his inspirational visit and unwavering commitment to the advancement of education. We look forward to continued collaboration with the Presidential Amnesty Programme in our shared pursuit of empowering future generations and fostering positive change in the Niger Delta region.