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Seminar on Research Citation Using Mendeley

In line with the desire of the Vice Chancellor to improve the quality of research activities executed by students and lecturers, the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Western Delta University, Oghara organized a Seminar on ‘Research Citation with Ease Using Mendeley’ on Tuesday 7th June, 2022.

In his presentation, Dr. Richard Oveh highlighted the demerits of manually keying citations during research reports to include time wasting, use of effort and susceptibility to errors. He therefore recommended an automated software system for managing research citation. Mendeley is a free citation management software that can assist in managing huge reference library. It can be downloaded online and installed on computers.

A researcher who needs certain information to be part of his or her work can simply use Mendeley. He can just click on add library on the reference manager and instantly, all the meta data i.e information about a book / journal (author, date of publication e.t.c) will be added to his work. No manual entry is required. Mendeley makes it easy to quickly search for journals, highlight required sections of the journals/books, generate index citations, share references with Co-Researchers in same group, access library, choose a reference style and check details of any document before inserting to a research work. The Software can be used alongside Microsoft office Word documents.

Emmanuel Onibere, the first Professor of Computer Science in South-South geopolitical region of Nigeria gave the closing remarks. He urged all to use Mendeley software to manage references when reporting their research, as it is easier, quicker and aids accuracy. In attendance were Students, Lecturers, Heads of Departments, Deans of Colleges and a representative of the Vice Chancellor.