The University Library

The western Delta University Library was opened on the 31st Day of March, 2008. The university’s main library is located behind the administrative block opposite the 400-seater auditorium. Other library annexes are accommodated in the different schools and colleges. 

Our Library Collection

The University Library collection covers wide areas of knowledge with special emphasis on subjects offered and taught in the academic departments of the university. 

In addition to books, the Library subscribes to a number of international and local academic journals in all courses offered in the University. The library is also connected to the internet with a section of the library equipped with computers to enable staff and students access materials on the internet as they do research.

Library Practices

The library was setup to provide accessible, up-to-date educational resources and effective services to support the teaching, learning and research needs of the university.

  1. Opening Hours
    1. When School is on session, the library opens to readers Monday – Friday, 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM on week days. On Saturdays, the library opens at 8:00Am and closes at 6:00 PM
    2. During Holidays, we only open on week days from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM
    3. We only open to readers on public holidays if we receive a prior request
  2. Eligibility
    1. The university is open to all members of the university community. Prospective users are required to register at the circulation desk before they are allowed to use the library.
    2. Some readers are allowed to borrow books and other materials from the Library. Contact the circulation desk to see if you are eligible for this.
  3. Registration
    1. Upon registration, you are issued a library card which you should bring along with you to the library for admission
    2. Eligible users are issued borrower’s cards with which they borrow books from the Library.

Vision of the Library

The vision of the Western Delta university Library is to become one of the leading information providers among academic institutions in Nigeria. This is in line with the university’s objective which is highlighted in its motto: “Knowledge for Human Advancement.”

Library Mission

The Library is the hub around which academic activities in the university revolves. Our mission is stated thus:

  1. To acquire up-to-date information bearing materials for the advancement of knowledge for human development
  2. To organise these information materials with such professional touch as to leverage their accessibility
  3. To promote literacy and research through the provision of current awareness and outreach services
  4. To provide accessible and effective service delivery with utmost user-friendly approach
  5. To ensure dynamism, growth and development in accordance with the university’s rate of growth, expansion and development

Our goal is make teaching and research as convenient as possible!

Anthony OghenetegaSenior Librarian