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The university library serves as a reservoir for information and knowledge. Every university’s academic structure must generally include a library, which is designed to promote learning, teaching, and research in higher education. Libraries are considered to be a sine qua non in this regard.

In order to ensure that students succeed academically, we offer access to knowledgeable academic librarians, information resources, facilities, and services at the WDU Library. Approximately 4,000 print books are now in the Library’s collection. Through our e-library, you can also access a number of databases and online information sources, and you can get offline fundamental textbooks for every University department in our e-Library.

The library’s primary goals are to offer pertinent materials and services that will improve the university’s core curricula for learning, teaching, and research.

Our research services, trainings, and supports are thoughtfully designed to provide researchers and students at the University with unhindered access to research literature and other information resources from major databases and institutions across the world. We have also developed our Institutional Repository, which archives the intellectual outputs of WDU to the public, much like it is possible in contemporary libraries throughout the world. This repository is accessible through this link.