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Western Delta University, Oghara

WDU offers programs 19 different departments organised into 5 schools and colleges. Through these different programmes, the university aims to achieve the following:


  • The general goals and objectives of the University include creating an intellectual environment favourable to equipping the students and preparing them for careers in civic and professional life, and hence contributing to the high level human capital needs of the country and advancing knowledge through research, publications and creative/innovative endeavours.

Specific Objectives:

  • To encourage the advancement of learning and hold out to all persons, without distinction of class, race, ethnic extraction, creed, sex or political convictions, opportunities for acquiring higher education. This objective will be attained by developing a solid infrastructure of academic, administrative, sporting, residential and communal facilities.
  • To provide courses of instruction leading to the award of degrees, diplomas and certificates. This objective will be met by setting up a wide range of relevant academic disciplines to encourage serious academic pursuits. At all times, experienced and committed staff will be engaged and handsomely rewarded. Staff-Student ratios will be set to promote effective teaching, close interaction and supervision.
  • To provide various services to the people, the community and utilize the University’s expertise in facilitating local and national development. The University will exploit its unique location in the Niger Delta environment. Special research institutes will offer channels for promoting the commercial application of research findings, novel ideas and inventions. Cultural facilities and utilities of the University will be open to the public to enhance town and gown relationship.
  • To undertake practical steps for ideological, moral, intellectual, economic and technological development of principles, ideas and goals in accordance with the stated norms of the National Policy on Education.
  • To prepare students who will develop aptitude for scholarship and postgraduate studies as potential members of the nation’s intelligentsia and professional elite. This aim will be pursued by giving scholarship and bursary awards to outstanding students to pursue advanced postgraduate and professional training. The University will also undertake the publishing of books, journals, industrial designs, cyber hardware and software, etc.







We don’t just give students a degree, we help them discover a field they’re passionate about, give them training that not only sets them up for success in that field but helps them dare to lead it.

Western Delta University, Oghara also offers part-time and distance learning programmes. Contact our admission officer at [email protected] to learn what tailor made programs are available to you.

Professor Godwin O. Asuen
Dean – Postgraduate School

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School of Post Graduate Studies

Western Delta University, Oghara
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Why Choose WDU?

Western Delta University offers affordable qualitative education under the most conducive of environments. The University prioritizes standards over profit. Students are even allowed to pay their tuition fees in installments!

Our students also get assistance with scholarships and grant applications. You are sure to graduate at the stipulated time when you study at WDU.


Western Delta University publishes a number of international journals in different disciplines. The African Journal of Policy and Security Development (AJPSD) for example, is a peer-reviewed, internationally recognized publication of the Institute of Delta and Development Studies  (IDDS) of the Western Delta University, Oghara.

The schools also publish the Journal of Global South Research on Security and Development which is a scholarly peer-reviewed open-access publication in the field of security and development.


Western Delta University, Oghara is home to the Institutes of Delta and Development Studies (IDDS).  Through equitable and sustainable partnerships, the Institute of Delta and Development Studies delivers world-class training and research needed for sustainable development globally. It aims to become a first-rate Institute of its kind, pursuing excellence and applying critical skills, knowledge and alternative methods in resolving local and global deltaic challenges in Nigeria, Africa and the world.


Western Delta University Alumni are professionals in their various fields of endeavor. Proud of their alma mater, they actively support indigent students and developmental projects in the school. 

Why Study Here?

WDU is the place of choice if you desire well-rounded affordable education in a school with stable academic calendar and a supportive community.

Western Delta University does not only help you acquire the practical skills required to transition seamlessly into the workforce upon graduation, but we also assist you in developing a healthy self-image and a strong sense of social justice so that you can make that transition responsibly.

Western Delta University, Oghara invites application from suitably qualified candidates who obtained a minimum score of 120 from the last UTME, for admission in the 2021/2022 session. Candidates who did not choose this University but want to change to Western Delta University can also apply.