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Department of Biochemistry


Biochemistry in Western Delta University is designed to introduce the students to the exciting world of Biochemistry. It is intended to expose students to the fundamental understanding, at the molecular level, of all the chemical processes associated with living cells. This encompasses the physio-chemical nature of bio molecules, the molecular basis of their interaction with one another and functionalities. It is hoped that the curriculum will attune the students to meet up with the current realities and challenges in the field of Biochemistry and enable graduates fit into the employment market without difficulty.


i. To provide students with a broad and balanced foundation of biochemistry knowledge and practical skills.

ii. To develop in students the ability to apply knowledge and skills to solving theoretical and practical problems in biochemistry.

iii. To develop in students, a range of transferable skills that are of value in a biochemical and non-biochemical employment.

iv. To provide students with knowledge and skills base from which they can proceed to further studies in specialized areas of biochemistry or multi-disciplinary areas involving biochemistry.

v. To provide, through training and orientation, an appreciation of the solitary rewards of inter- and multi-disciplinary approach  to the solution of complex life problems.

vi. To generate in students an appreciation of the importance of biochemistry in industrial, economic, environmental, technology and social development.

vii. To instill in students a sense of enthusiasm for Biochemistry, an appreciation of its application in different contexts and to involve them in an intellectually stimulating and satisfying experience of learning and studying.

viii. To develop a research culture in the department in consonance with current trends in the biochemical world as well as having direct relevance to the needs of Nigeria.

The Head of Department

dr evuen u F

Dr. Evuen is currently the Head of the Department of Biochemistry, Western Delta University, Oghara, Nigeria. He obtained a Bachelor...

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