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Directorate of Research, Innovation, Linkages, and Internationalization

The Directorate of Research, Innovation, Linkages, and Internationalization is the University’s frontline arm in its efforts to broaden horizons in partnership development, increase its consortia, and advance its internationalization and global engagement

Research and Innovation

We understand that it takes more than words to make a difference or affect lives in a positive way. We want to make a difference in the world by delivering globally significant research and innovation.

Because we believe in knowledge sharing, our research is exceptional and relevant. We always take a collaborative approach. We collaborate with local and international partners in education and the industry. Our media-ready professionals also lend their knowledge and skills to print, television, and digital media coverage of the topics addressed by their study on a regular basis.

Internationalisation and Linkages

The school understands the crucial importance of international engagement and collaboration with governments and business. The directorate seeks internationalization of the academic community’s viewpoints and a greater awareness of cultural variety in preparing staff and students to compete in an increasingly globalized society. It also seeks to forge global engagements to strengthen the university’s core values of Transparency, Accountability, and Commitment through the promotion of institutional, industrial, and organizational collaboration and consortium with local and foreign universities, industries, and organizations in the form of student and faculty exchange, collaborative research, publication exchange, joint conference sponsorship, program implementation, and faculty-industry collaboration.


Our Vision

The directorate aspires to be a valuable international resource for the university community by raising awareness about globalization/internationalization, foreign culture and language, fostering interest in and appreciation for foreign languages and cultures, and developing competent global graduates capable of meeting the world’s current labor market demands.



Our Mission

The Directorate of Research, Innovation, Linkages, and Internationalization will work to improve the institution’s international reputation and visibility, create exceptional international opportunities for faculty and staff, and develop strategic networking and collaboration initiatives in order to achieve the above vision.

The Director

professor umukoro nathaniel

Nathaniel Umukoro is a Professor of International Security, Strategic and Development Studies in the Department of Political Science and Director...

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