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Department of Sociology


To produce high quality graduates that can handle sociological challenges effectively and efficiently.


The mission of the programme in the Department of Sociology is to develop the student’s understanding of the requisite analytical skills to deal with the sociological problems of the Nigerian State and global society, such that graduates of the Department would promote Nigeria’ sociological development in a globalizing world.

Programme Objectives

The Department aims to employ concepts, theories, methods and ethnographic data to equip students with knowledge of the cultural and social world of Nigeria, Africa and the whole world. It is desirous to give the students a balanced training in the art of examining and analyzing cultural and social systems. The Department also serves students in the departments such as humanities, social sciences, and other disciplines, whose activities are related to the study of human cultures, societies and interrelationships.

The Objectives of a Degree in Sociology are to :

i. Offer students a sound knowledge of sociology and an appreciation of its applications in different socio-cultural context and involve experience of learning and studying the workings of society.

ii. Provide students with broad and well balanced knowledge of sociological theories and methods thereby facilitating their skills development in scientific inquiry.

iii. Develop in students a range of useful competences for public , private or self employment.

The Head of Department

dr-mrs esieboma juliet O

Dr Juliet O Esieboma is the Ag. head of Department of Political Science and Sociology, Western Delta University, Oghara. She...

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