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Department of Political Science


The philosophy underpinning a degree in Political Science is  to produce students with skills to enable them combine theory with practice in the interpretation and analysis of political , social and economic problems and proffering solutions to them in their immediate environment, at the national and global levels. They are problems that confront man, society and politics, military and governance, citizenship, ethnicity and race, local government admiration, public finance and foreign policy.


i. To develop the students’ understanding and the requisite analytical skills to deal wit the political and public                  administration problems of the Nigerian State and society;

ii. To encourage the student to appreciate the values of the political culture of democracy and the salience for                     popular  empowerment, national development and the resolution of societal conflicts;

iii. To sharpen the students’ appreciation of the social factors which contribute to the use and abuse of political                  power;

iv. To improve the students’ appreciation of the political, economic, cultural and other challenges which confront              developing states as sectors in the international community and;

v. To enable students pursue postgraduate degrees within the discipline and other related specialization.


The Head of Department

dr-mrs esieboma juliet O

Dr Juliet O Esieboma is the Ag. head of Department of Political Science and Sociology, Western Delta University, Oghara. She...

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