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Department of Mathematics and Computer Science


Generally defined, Mathematics is that branch of science which is concerned with numbers, quantities and space. In operation, it is essentially abstract. However, in its ramifications as a discipline, it forms the basis for the study of other academic disciplines in pure, applied and social sciences. The programmes in the department are designed with the above in view. The Computer Science degree option is designed with strong mathematical backing. Ability to understand and interpret the empirical data is ensured by introducing suitable causes in statistics in all programmes of the department.


The syllabus for the department is intended to provide a unified view of modern mathematics and computer science. The emphases are not only on the theories involved, but also on the creative ideas of imagination and intuition. The products of this programme are therefore expected to be equipped with the skill essential in solving mathematical and computational needs in the scientific, industrial, educational and business establishments. The department also offers support services to other departments in and outside the college of Pure and Applied Sciences if and when need arises. It is expected that in no distance future, these services will be extended to the scientific and business establishments outside the University environment.

The Head of Department