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Department of Mass Communications


To produce graduates who are familiar with the cardinal components of the information network which are deemed necessary for a good understanding of administration of the complex nature of modern societies and the intriguing human beings within the societies.


The mission of the Department is to educate and equip students with critical knowledge and skills of communication, information generation, film and movie making and analysis, news and multimedia technologies, socio-cultural and ethical information dissemination; that would empower them to contribute meaningfully to the global development.


i. To offer an undergraduate professionally oriented programme for the aspiring Nigerian journalists, Communicators, Broadcasters, Public Relations and Advertising Practitioners.

ii. To train / or retrain Nigerian Journalists, Broadcasters, Communicators, Public Relations and Advertising Practitioners for leadership positions in the mass media organizations in Nigeria and the world.

iii. To raise and sustain the professional status of Journalism in Nigeria.

iv. To bridge the divergent perspective of news gathering and dissemination.

v. To provide the Mass Communication students with the opportunity to master the art of communicating with the masses that transcends all disciplines, whether in writing or broadcasting for an on-line website at 9:00 pm daily. Newscast or writing a speech for the company Chief Executive Officer(CEO) or writing Advertising or Public Relations copy to sell or promote a product to all the masses.

vi. To instill in the Mass Communication student the ability to respect deadlines and work under constant pressure.

The Head of Department Mass Communication