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Department of Management Sciences


To produce management scientists that are self self-reliant and useful to the society.


To use highly skilled personnel to train the students with the latest technology available.


The major objectives of the Department are: to train, educate and imbue in students appropriate knowledge, skills and attitudes to prepare and position them for the ever growing and challenging managerial responsibilities in Nigeria and around the world. Other objectives include:

i. To champion the cultivation of the spirit of entrepreneurship in the Nigerian youth and citizenry, who can propel Nigeria and the world into greater development, by creating new businesses and/or managing existing ones creatively.

ii. To produce graduates well-grounded in management sciences who can fit into a variety of available jobs-public or private as managers, teachers and researchers.

iii. To educate and train managers at undergraduate, post-graduate,  post-experience and professional levels.

iv. To help in the building and accumulation of relevant body of knowledge-teaching materials, information, literature and books- in business studies through research and cross fertilization of ideas in the classroom that would position Nigeria for sustainable development.

The Head of Department