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Department of Law



The Law programme is designed to ensure that the graduate of law will have good knowledge of Law, including a clear understanding of the place and importance of Law in Society. All human activities social, economic, political take place within legal framework. It is therefore necessary that the student of Law should also have a broad general knowledge and exposure to other disciplines in the process of acquiring legal education. The programme should introduce students to the general knowledge in Law, acquaint them with principles of judiciary process and legal development, and equip them with the basic tools of legal analysis and methods.

Legal education should act first as a stimulus to stir the student into critical analysis and examination of the prevailing social, economic and political systems of his community and, secondly as an intellectual exercise aimed at studying and assessing the operation, efficacy and relevance of various rules of Law in the society. The curriculum must also ensure that Law is taught as it exists at any given moment, and that every law student will be comparative in his approach to legal studies bearing in mind that there are many systems of Law (Statutory Law, Common Law, Customary Law and Islamic Law)


The aims and objectives of the LL.B Law Degree Programme are therefore:

  1. To produce Lawyers whose level of education would equip them properly to serve as advisers, solicitors or advocates to government and their agencies, companies, business firms, associations, individuals and families etc.
  2. Since the activities of government, companies and individuals are expected to be carried out within a legal framework, we always try to ensure the output or end results of the Law programme meet the needs of such institutions, federal, state and local government bodies, various industrial, commercial and mercantile associations as well as various social, family and domestic groups
  3. To ensure that Law is studied as it functions in society rather than just as rules that have been set and must be applied notwithstanding our Colonial Heritage.
  4. To offer courses leading to the award of Bachelor of Law (LL.B) degree to undergraduate students
  5. To train and develop Legal Manpower needs of the Country.
  6. To produce Law graduates who meet international standards and who will be able to undertake further training towards specialization

The Programme of Law courses in Western Delta University is as contained in the Law BMAS of the National Universities Commission, 2007.