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Department of Geology and Petroleum Studies


The Department has a strong commitment to high academic standard of teaching, laboratory practicals, fieldwork, supervised/independent geological mapping exercises. The oil and gas industry is facing key challenges in terms of energy transition, discovery of new oil and gas reservoirs and better understanding of the architecture of existing reservoirs in order to optimize their development. The geology and petroleum studies option at Western Delta University is designed with this in mind. Students will be trained in new concepts, new technologies and new tools in geology and petroleum studies.

Aims and Objectives

The programme is designed to train undergraduates to be professional geologists in government, parastatals, institutions of higher learning, research Institutes, oil and gas industries and consulting organizations in Nigeria and other countries of the world.
Our academic approach focuses on training students by professionals drawn from academia, industry and applied research. Our graduates will be able to implement cutting-edge technologies and the methodologies needed to make decisions for exploration and exploitation of hydrocarbon resources. For this purpose, we provide our students with all necessary tools: cases studies based on real data provided by industry, use of industrial software, and the organization of numerals field trips in geology and geophysics.

In order to realize these main objectives, students are taught in the various aspects of Geology, with emphasis on applied geology subjects such as drilling , well logging and formation evaluation, Geological mapping exercises, Hydro- geology, Engineering Geology, Petroleum Geology, Stratigraphy, Economic and Mining Geology, Basin Analysis, Petrophysics, Micro paleontology, Geochemistry, Sedimentology, Igneous and Metamorphic Geology, Geophysics, Seismic Techniques and Palynology. On completion of the programme, our students will be ready plug-ins into the oil and gas industry.

The Head of Department