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Department of Environmental Management and Toxicology

Aims and Objectives

Every industry today realizes the necessity to control environmental pollution resulting from industrial waste. At present, these are tackled by chemists, biologists, engineers and others who are not by training , competent enough to take a holistic view of the environment. The need to generate a trained manpower, who can provide the necessary expertise in environmental issues and who have a basic understanding of the environment in its totality, is being widely felt. Conservation of natural resources like fossil fuels, water, soil and minerals, protecting biodiversity losses are to be better understood and practiced. In addition, the harnessing of current advanced biotechnological technologies not only to produce bio fertilizers, bio fuels, pharmaceuticals, e.t.c. but also pollution control and bio remediation of domestic and industrial effluents and wastes should be encouraged.

It is therefore the cardinal aims and objectives of the Department of Environmental Management and Toxicology in WDU:

i. To deliver a diverse and up to date syllabus taught by experts including remote sensing, coastal and estuarine environmental biology.

ii. To inculcate knowledge and understanding in students successively at each level of a five-year degree, developing both tolerable skills in information technology and communication, and specific skills in laboratory analysis, field work and site visitation.

iii. To produce graduates that would be armed with skills for environmental research geared towards generation of data and benchmarks for the protection of the Nigerian Ecosystem.

iv. To turn out graduates who would be instrumental in addressing some of the most challenging factors facing the earth, such as environmental pollution, climate change, depletion of natural resources and habitat alteration and fragmentation.

v. To produce graduates that will be useful in environmentally related jobs, teaching, public service, business management, research institutes and the energy industry.

The Head of Department

dr-mrs ihayere c

DESIGNATION: SENIOR LECTURER ACADEMIC QUALIFICATIONS: 1. Ph.D Plant Biology & Biotechnology,(Mycology/Plant Pathology) Bioremediation (2009- 2014). University of Benin, Benin City...

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