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Department of Accounting and Finance


The vision is to produce top flight Accounting and Financial experts who will take entrepreneurship and financial prudence to its zenith.


The mission is to educate and equip students with critical skills to manage public and private funds effectively and efficiently, to be able to draw pragmatic financial policies and references that would lead to socio-economic development in Nigeria and the entire globe.


The Department aims at producing high level personnel that will contribute through research and publications, towards the growth of Accounting, Banking and Finance knowledge and to add value to the quality of professional finance practice in Nigeria. The programme of the department has the following three  (3) broad foci as follows:

i. The continuing search to expand the scope  of the application of the disciplines (Accounting and Finance) in order to promote and enhance economic development. In this regard, the Department will seek to stimulate interest and provide needed leadership in research and experimentation in all branches.

ii. The need for the student /graduate to see himself/herself as member of the organizational team whose collaborative effort is required in order to achieve organizational objective. This requires that they should have reasonable grounding in all aspects of economics and management in addition to his/her specialization.

iii. The need to inculcate the requisite attitude, ethics and skills of professionalism. To this end, student and staff  interaction with the everyday practitioner would be encouraged and facilitated to build the necessary capacity.

The Head of Department