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College of Social and Management Sciences

The College of Social and Management Sciences was established in May 2007 in the phase I academic programmes of the Western Delta University, Oghara, Delta State. The College’s main objective is to be a centre of excellence in the area of the various disciplines that are housed in the various departments.

The college  offers  exciting and comprehensive courses designed to promote intellectual skills to equip graduates of the departments in the College to secure jobs in the public and private sectors of the economy and pursuit of postgraduate studies. The College effectively resumed academic activities in April, 2008 when it matriculated the first batch of students for the 2007/2008 academic session.

Presently, the College has the following departments and programmes:

      1 Department of Accounting and Finance

B.Sc. Accounting

2 Department of Economics 

B.Sc. Economics

  3 Department of Management Sciences

B.Sc. Business Administration

B.Sc. Marketing

B.Sc. Human Resource Management

 4 Department of Mass Communication

B.Sc. Mass Communication

 5 Department of Political Science and Sociology

B.Sc. Political Science

B.Sc. Sociology

 6 Department of Hotel and Tourism Management

B.Sc. Hotel and Tourism Management

The objectives of the College include the following:

(a) To provide training and education to her students in the area of social and management sciences and equip them with the requisite knowledge, skills and entrepreneurial spirit to face real world prospect and challenges and then be participants in the exploitation of opportunities and available resources in Nigeria and the world over.

(b) To produce graduates who will bring their training to bear as teachers, researchers and developers;

(c) To provide education and training to students at undergraduate, post-graduate and professional levels.

(d) To help to produce and accumulate scientific materials, literature and body of knowledge that would prove relevant and appropriate to the Nigerian environment: and

(e) To produce graduates with diverse academic interests and understanding that can fit into variety of jobs, both  in the public and private sectors and perform optimally.

The Dean College of Social and Management Science