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The Central Records Processing Unit

The deployment of ICT infrastructure and services for administration, teaching, research, and learning to the university community is under the purview of the Central Records Processing Unit (CRPU). Our vision is to “be a world-class Information Technology Service Center encouraging excellent pedagogy, research, and service delivery.” Our mission is to “commit to the implementation of cost-effective solutions that improve the quality of education for students while providing administrators and teachers with the tools they need to operate successfully and efficiently.”

The ICT Centre is divided into three key sections:

  • The Web / Software Applications Development Desk
  • The Network Systems and Engineering Desk, and
  • The Training / Help Desk

The CRPU is the university’s technological engine room, delivering superior web services to students, sponsors, staff, and visitors. As a Service Centre, the CRPU creates and maintains the IT infrastructure required for the University to achieve effective internal governance and global engagement. Our services include:

  • Establishing a platform for global exposure among international universities
  • Design, setup, and upkeep of the University networks.
  • Deploying Management Information Systems, E-Learning and Enterprise Resource Planning tools for the University
  • Providing Help Desk and Application Support Services
  • Horning the IT skills of students, faculty, employees, and our host community.
  • Management of the University’s Web assets – including its email servers and internet domain.

In this information-driven era where intellectual capital is of the utmost value, the aim of the management of Western Delta University to provide a world-class environment for learning, research, and community service can only be realized with a well-articulated, well-managed information technology plan. The CRPU is crucial to achieving this goal. To remain sustainable, a lot of current and upcoming projects and initiatives in the university community require a tech-savvy workforce which the CRPU helps to augment.

The Director

professor umukoro nathaniel

Nathaniel Umukoro is a Professor of International Security, Strategic and Development Studies in the Department of Political Science and Director...

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