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14th/15th Orientation and Matriculation Ceremony

The event was held at the Main Auditorium of the institution on Wednesday 29th and Thursday 30th of June, 2022. In his opening speech, the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Augustine Ikelegbe highlighted the regulations of the school, which include academic freedom that must be exercised without infringing on the rights of others. He said the vision of Western Delta University is to produce academically competent and productive young men and women who in turn will meet the labor demands of Nigeria in the future and be capable of resolving societal problems using technological solutions.

Mrs. Eliano of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) gave the orientation lecture. She harped on the need for students to avoid drug abuse. She defined drugs as any chemical substance which when taken alters everything about the body system. Drug abuse involves taking drugs beyond the limits prescribed by health care professionals. According to the guest speaker, people abuse drugs due to depression, to enable them commit crimes, to aid sexual performance e.t.c. Those who abuse drugs usually wear dark glasses, spray perfumes to hide the smell of the drugs, chew gums; they are secretive, experience memory lapses and have short attention span. The Speaker listed drugs that can be abused to include alcohol, cocaine, and tramadol, just to mention a few. Drug abuse has negative effects ranging from infertility, nausea / vomiting, constipation, high blood pressure and premature death.

Matriculating students were taught how to make payments within the university. They were told to make good use of the library, get registered and borrow books as and when they need them. They were reminded to regularly exercise using the sports facilities in the institution, to drink water first thing in the day and last thing before going to bed. The role of the ICT unit was emphasized. Students got to know what they can do on the school’s website as it relates to academic activities. The Head of the sick bay was on hand to briefly talk about management of sick students and prompt referral to the Navy hospital when critical cases occur. Thereafter, the Vice-Chancellor and Management team met with the matriculating students to highlight practical ways of managing time, avoiding cultism, drug abuse and maintain security consciousness to conclude the orientation day.

The Matriculation day began with the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Augustine Ikelegbe constituting the assembly, declaring the ceremony open and extending a warm welcome to all in attendance. The Registrar administered the matriculation oath on the matriculating students to the delight of their parents and well-wishers, after which the vice- chancellor formally admitted the new students into the Institution.

The Vice-Chancellor later presented his address. In it, he said university education is crucial to economic development. Western Delta University is building a learning environment characterized with audio/video teaching aids, high quality academic programs, improved and well equipped laboratories, distinguished lectures /research activities, provision of uninterruptible power supply, zero tolerance on cultism, innovative curriculum, well equipped library, with both hard and soft copy of books in virtually various disciplines. He urged the students to strive for excellence, which will indeed give them a competitive edge over their peers in the years to come. He encouraged them to acquire time management, ICT, digital marketing and problem solving skills. In attendance were Principal Officers of the university, staffs, students, parents, friends and well-wishers.