College of Social & Management Sciences


Brief History

Following the granting of a license to start a University by the NUC, Western Delta University was formally established in May 2007. The College of Natural and Applied Science was one of the two colleges in phase 1 of its academic programmes. The College effectively resumed activities in April 2008 when it matriculated the first batch of students for the 2007/2008 academic session. Reflecting on a wide range of discipline, the College offers an exciting and challenging collection of courses in six departments with eight degree options.


The philosophy and purpose of the college entail the production of the scientific and technological manpower needed for achieving both regional and national goals. furthermore, the college seeks to develop the mind, impact both theoretical and practical knowledge in the students as well as assist them develop self confidence, self reliance, and innovative capabilities in the various fields of pure and applied sciences incorporating entrepreneur studies and practices.


The major objectives of the college include;

  1. The provision of knowledge and skills needed for the understanding and analysis of problem related to industry, the environment and the public services in a science and technology drive economy.
  2. The inculcation in students of scientific principles and the application of these principles in solving problems in the society.
  3. The development of the capacity to innovate and improvise using local materials to make students self-employed on graduation, fit into positions in the science and research divisions of the public service as well as private sector.


  • BSc. Accounting
  • BSc. Economics
  • BSc. Hotel and Tourism Management
  • BSc. Business Administration
  • BSc. Mass Communication
  • BSc. Political Science (with emphasis on International Relations and Public Administration)
  • BSc. Sociology