The Philosophy

The philosophy of Western Delta University is premised on the ground that good education provides the wherewithal for achieving progress and sustainable development. Thus, the aspiration of the University is to become a premier institution where the best and brightest in scholarship. in economy and in science and technology will have ample opportunity to excel. To this end, the University will foster a community of scholars and students who are committed to the pursuit of research and professional practice for the advancement of society. It is also informed by a desire to uphold the highest ideals of public service, patriotism and philanthropy.


The general goals and objectives of the University include creating an intellectual environment favourable to equipping the students and preparing them for careers in civic and professional life, and hence contributing to the high level human capital needs of the country and advancing knowledge through research, publications and creative/innovative endeavours.

The specific objectives include

  • To encourage the advancement of learning and hold out to all persons, without distinction of class, race, ethnic extraction, creed, sex or political convictions, opportunities for acquiring higher education. This objective will be attained by developing a solid infrastructure of academic, administrative, sporting, residential and communal facilities.
  • To provide courses of instruction leading to the award of degrees, diplomas and certificates. This objective will be met by setting up a wide range of relevant academic disciplines to encourage serious academic pursuits. At all times, experienced and committed staff will be engaged and handsomely rewarded. Staff-Student ratios will be set to promoted effective teaching, close interaction and supervision.
  • To provide various services to the people, the community and utilize the University’s expertise in facilitating local and national development. The University will exploit its unique location in Niger Delta environment. Special research institutes will offer channels for promoting the commercial application of research findings, novel ideas and inventions. Cultural facilities and utilities of the University will be open to the public to enhance town to town relationship.
  • To undertake practical steps for ideological, moral, intellectual, economic and technological development of principles, ideas and goals in accordance with the stated norms of the National Policy on Education.
  • To prepare students who will develop aptitude for scholarship and postgraduate studies as potential members of the nation’s intelligentsia and professional elite. This aim will be pursued by giving scholarship and bursary awards to outstanding students to pursue advanced postgraduate and professional training. The University will also undertake the publishing of books, journals, industrial designs, cyber hardware and software etc